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Landscape Oil Painting of an Old Barn

Landscape oil painting with perspective and art instruction by award winning oil painting artist, Gary W.. Odmark. There are free oil painting lessons availa…

Brian Ryder wants everyone to paint in oils! In this DVD he shows you how to produce atmospheric oil landscapes that are both quick and easy to do. This is a…
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oil painting: moody atmosphere
Landscape Oil Painting

Image by deflam
An atmospheric abstract or landscape-ish view.
Water-mixable oil paint.

Question by : What happens when acrylic and oil paints mix?
I was using those small paint tubes to paint a landscape and I noticed that one of them I had been using was actually an oil paint_when I had originally been painting with acrylics. What will happen? Will the paint crust over and “die” or will it just dry a little bumpy?

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Artists set to move in for Wayne Art Center's Plein Air Festival
Thirty artists — some local, some from as far away as California — will set up easels and create oil paintings, watercolors and pastels of area scenes beginning May 6, said Karen Louise Fay, director of special projects at the Wayne Art Center …
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